Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Young Woman Gets Bodied by a Police Horse After Slapping It | Kingston, Ontario

Well, we guess that's what you get for sneaking up on a horse and slapping him on the ass...

Kingston Police said the horse was actually slapped three times during Queen's homecoming. Two men and a woman were charged in connection with the slaps, police said. No one was injured.
Don't slap a police horse on the behind.
That's the lesson a young student learned in Kingston, Ont., this week, after getting hoofed by an annoyed horse for her mischievous antics.
A brief video of the incident has gone viral online, in which a girl wearing a Queen's University sweater can be seen pulling the stunt during a homecoming event. - ctvnews

The first couple months of the fall semester set the perfect environment for ignorant post-secondary students who are living away from their parents for the first time to make bad life choices. And this weekend, some students at Queen's University homecoming have given the internet a special, precious gift: A video of a young woman slapping a police horse's ass and promptly getting kicked by the animal.
In the video, a blonde woman wearing a red-striped, dark-coloured polo runs up to two police horses holding human officers, slaps the horse, gets kicked and falls down face-first. Then, a pal runs up to the woman as she runs away holding her face.


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